Flowing water and lightning. C&C two pics please.


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Nov 16, 2008
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I took this pic a few hours ago. It is my second attempt at getting the flowing water effect. I like the way it came out. I named this one "Overcoming Obstacles" due to all of the clutter that the water is flowing through.:mrgreen:

This is my very first attempt at getting a lightning shot. I took it a few hours ago as well. What do you think?
Me and my wife both like the first one. Our only criticism is perhaps seeing more of the stream as its coming down to the waterfall. As far as the 2nd one goes, we believe (although not under your control) needs a little bit more cloud definition.
I cropped the source of water out of the first one due to all of the floating debris. It just didn't look that great. It was a small pond that was fed by another stream.
On the second one, there really weren't any cloud formations at all. It was just kind of hazy.
Thanks for the comments.
I agree, I like them both. Lightning shots always amaze me. I do agree that more cloud definition may have helped this shot, but I think the lightning seemingly coming out of nowhere, out of the haze, adds something to the shot as well. Makes it kind of ominous in a way, like you never know where all that jagged curly lightning is gonna come from.
Shutter speed was 1.6".

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