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Aug 2, 2012
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Well I just got home from a trip to Arizona and here are some photos I brought home. They were all taken with my Nikon d3100 and the cheap 55-200 vr and had to be croped heavily and unfortunately quality is lacking because of this:grumpy:.
can you tell me what each animal is?
What are your thoughts and give me C&C. Thanks




I'm not sure what type of dragon fly that is.. but #2 is a Heron.. a Blue Heron, I think (though not because of the tones. lol) You have some crazy blue going on in that photo.. maybe adjust the white balance?

I believe the other birds are Turkey Vultures. In both of those shots, that barrel in the background is distracting.

Of the shots you posted, I think you did the best job with #1.
Thanks for the feedback, my favorite is #1 to. I really like that shot for some reason. I never really was happy with the 3 bird shots.
Cool, I thought it was a dragonfly as well.. good to know.
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Thats a very good explanation and some very nice shots to explain it. Thanks
Cool information though. I would never have known the difference.
I've seen turkey vultures before.. and we have a wildlife refuge here that I hike a lot.. Canadian River runs through it and lots of water fowl.. including great blue heron.

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