Focus hunting with the 24-70mm


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Dec 30, 2010
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Does anyone else have any issues with the Nikon 24-70mm focus hunting when trying to lock onto to something with low contrast? My other lenses don't have any issues but my 24-70mm does. Yesterday I was shooting some commercial shots from a paper distribution company and every time i would try to focus on a roll of paper it would just hunt. I actually had to have one of their employees help me by placing his finger right in front of the roll. Seriously annoying.
what focus mode? I use spot focus about 90% of the time.. my 24-70 locks in a heartbeat.
I tried everything. After doing more research on the problem so people do seem to have this issue but mostly seen with a D3.
The auto focus module is in the camera.

The auto focus module detects when focus has been achieved and the camera CPU generates the signal that tells the AF motor in the lens which way, and how much to move to achieve focus.

Any phase-detection auto focus system has difficulties when contrast is low. See page 80 of your D700 user's manual for the variety of shooting situations where auto focus will have difficulties.

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