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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by crowl31, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Sorry if this is a repeat post.

    I'm trying to decide which version to buy the cloud or clear.

    What is the more common one used and what are the differences? I know the cloud will be softer light.

    What is the main advantage of one vs the other.


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    Few months ago, I had a similar Q and the end result was neither. Recommendation, however, was to DIY; so I did. Bought a sheet of foam paper, folded it, yanked velcro on it so it attaches to my flash and shooting through it.

    Advantage: very soft light, similar to softbox/shoot through umbrella.

    need to readjust the white balance and need MORE flash power for proper exposure. For Ex: nikon sb600 and sb800 - omnibouce/stofen 1/4power iso 400, f/8, 1/125sec at 12 feet away (WB 5560K) VS white foam paper 1/2 power iso 400 at f5.6-6.3, 1/100-1/125sec at 12feet (WB 4550K).
    The idea actually came while using foam paper as a bounce card and watching Fong's Origami Video.
    I'm pretty happy with results, if had a CLUE how to show images here would have uploaded but not sure so for samples, PM me.

    Here's the link to that thread
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