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Jul 30, 2010
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this girl brittany wants me to shoot her w a football theme. she has a chargers jersey. im wanting ideas of a location, what items i should provide and/or ask her to provide? should i shoot her just standing there doing poses? act like she is playing football? HEELELLP. this is the first time im shooting someone who isnt a close friend , so im nervous.
I would see if there's a high school football field around so you could really have the effect of her with the football theme. Do the black smudge on her cheeks, or something. I'm guessing for the pants, since she probably won't have the real football pants, have her wear some white spandex capris or something..If she wouldn't mind getting dirty, I say put some grass stains on the knees of them too! I could really get into this, but I have to run to the store! lol

Good luck. And post pics! :)
i love the dirt on the knees idea. what about shoes? i doubt she has cleats, so substitute? sandals? sneakers? and should i have a friend throw her passes? or just stand there and look pretty? i may do a real football shoot then have like a cute and fun/sexy shoot w the jersey.
See if she has a pair of shoes that look like football cleats. Maybe some addidas that have some stripes on them. Oh and don't be nervous. Just act like you've been doing this for a long time, and it'll be ok. You gotta get practice in, if you want to go further with photography.
thanks guys. i'm def nervous but when it comes down to it, ill throw the nerves away and act as if I've been doing it for years.


I like your pics, but i wont have those lights nor be inside. Ill def bring a football though so thanks for the advice.

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