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Dec 3, 2007
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south, new jersey
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okay well my 18th birthday is coming up on april 4th. and in the meantime i want to think about what i want to ask for from my parents. im 99% sure its going to be something camera related im just not sure what. i have a nikon d40 and im just not sure what accessories to buy. im thinking maybe a seperate flash unit, or a better lens. because all i have now is the kit 18-55mm. i have a wide angle lens, 2 tripods, and an IR filter and photoshop. and a whole bunch of other stuff. those are fun things. anyway, i dont know which would be a more solid investment. any idea or product recomendations? i guess with my parents combined my budget would be $200 - $300 (i know thats a wide range, but im not sure if they are going to spend more because you know, 18 is kind of a big deal). im thinking a flash unit, because i want to do some more flash work. but im just not sure. anyway thanks for reading and thanks for any advice ahead of time.

i meant FUTURE****** reference. dang those typos.
For cuture reference you must have nice parents. It was hard enough to get a memory card for my birthday out of mine :) An SB-600 flash unit would be nice if you're considering the flash route. Ignore the SB-400 it's a filler on Nikons website to try and make people think they sold affordable products too.

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