For Sale: AlienBees LGX4 - Four Channel Wired Remote ~ $80 o.b.o

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    Just this past summer I purchased the LGX4 Remote. It is a great indoor/outdoor remote that lets you control the power of up to four lights independently. As I do primarily studio and close proximity photo shoots it worked perfectly! Unfortunately, my loving wife purchased me the new Cyber Commander Remote from Alien Bees which means I have no use for the LGX4 anymore. As such, I am selling it.

    I would be willing to let it go for $80 (Free shipping), or best offer. My preferred method of payment is via PayPal. If you are interested, please let me know or shoot me an email at

    From the Alien Bees Website:


    "The Four-Channel Wired Remote provides convenient, hand-held operation of up to four flash units. With individual, continuously variable slider control of flashpower over a 5 f-stop range (from Full down to 1/32 power), and common selection of Modeling Lamp mode to Full, Off, or Tracking, the LG4X remote control can easily operate up to four lights at distances of 100 feet or more without mis-fires. Running on standard 1.5 volt AA batteries, the unit connects to your lights using four color coded telephone cords, with a common sync connection to all lights. You can simply manipulate all of the lights in your studio from one location, without having to run back and forth from each light as you setup your scene. The LG4X Remote is a convenient 2.75" x 5.25" x 1" size, and arrives with four 25 foot color-coded telephone cords, two AA batteries, and blank “dummy” plugs for disengaging the flash units’ slave trippers when necessary. While the LG4X ships with 25-foot cords, you may use off-the-shelf modular telephone cables up to 100 feet in length, if needed. Simply ensure that the cables used have four internal wires, as cables with only two wires will not work."


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