For Sale: Lighted Photo eBox Plus by MK Digital Direct - Great Condition!


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Aug 24, 2013
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New York City, United States
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Hi All,

I am no longer a product photographer. I'm just posting to this forum in hopes of finding a new home for this Self-Illuminating Photo Box that I've kept unused in clean, dry storage (in my closet) for the past several years. It was last used back in 2007 to do a bunch of jewelry photography, but still works perfectly.

It is in perfect working condition, very clean.

Mount any standard camera to the top bracket. The box also has a little front, sliding door to peak a lens through.

I am even throwing in an extra magnetic mount for the top steel plate compatible with shoe mounts (usually an extra charge).

It also comes with a few hard, plastic "background" cards in black, blue, and gray. Also a couple of plastic, grey cards for accurate white balancing.

It cost well over $1200 (without the extras) when new and it still works perfectly well.

Priced to sell fast at US$750

Pickup Only in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. I will not ship this item.

You can find product descriptions by Googling:

And here's a YouTube Video by some guy that shows you how to white balance with this eBox.

Just let me know if there are any questions!

Some quick snaps (taken with an iPhone 5!) are attached. :)


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