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Oct 8, 2007
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Vancouver BC
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C&C please...if there's anything that I should edit/crop/darken, what should it be?


#1, you cut off the last little edge of the right side of the car!!!!!
The Merc is an interesting subject, but there's a lot there to take in. Overall, I'm bothered that the driver's side corner is clipped off. The big garbage can is distracting, too. If I were shooting it, I'd pick a few smaller parts of the car to shoot. I seem to remember reading that in a book somewhere once...but my memory ain't what she used to be.
#1. Previously stated front corner of the car. If the clipping of it was during composition then re shoot, I would take the opportunity to consider kicking that trash can over to eliminate it from the shot, but form here it looks like a lot of sht will fall if it's done. If that is the case leave it, you don't want to spend hours picking up junk (be it yours or someone elses). If the clip is a result of PP just un do it if you still have the original file.

#2. Personally I would block the PH number out of curtsey to the holder, unless it's your own and don't care if the world sees it or the photo is actually to sell the um.....merchendise.
The second is majorly bright bang in the middle. My focus is drawn away from the entire picture and sucked into that white hole in the middle. I'd like to see that toned down a little :)
Also, perhaps a way of making the car look more interesting would be to take a picture right up close to the windscreen, next to the for sale sign, looking into the car - it would give the onlooker a lot of questions and make them think about exaxtly what IS for sale and get them asking all sorts of questions like "ok, i can see its a car but what make, model/year etc is it and what colour is it" etc...questions a buyer might ask...

just a thought

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