Foster Kitty


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Jan 6, 2022
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My GF's daughter fosters orphaned kittens. Fun to watch them go from scared little waifs to house wrecking terrors in a matter of weeks :)
She's adorable.
Thanks everybody! She went to a very lucky family. She was a temptation to add to my GFs household aka "Failed Foster", but the other 4 cats put their feet down. So off she went.
What a beautiful girl! I can see why they were tempted to keep her. ❤

We rescued a pair of kittens (hubby found them at the county dump and brought them home), and we fell in love while nursing them back to health. But our two cats were upset and suspicious the whole time (we had them in our large bathroom closet) so we made the tough choice to give them to a retired veterinarian who was actually looking to adopt. Right time, right choice. :)

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