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Sep 4, 2021
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I know some folks may not be interested in knives as much as I but since I do a lot of outdoor activities I have a few.
This is a newer one I'm testing for a friend, ain't gonna lie, this is for some reason one of my favorite photos.
I took @jeffashman's advice and brought the camera over the right a bit, damn it makes a big difference.
Please give me your thoughts and advice.
Anything is appreciated.
Maybe get a cleaner Background? The Tree behind the knife is a little distracting as is the vertical line to the right of the knife,
or have a play in Photoshop if you have the skills and move the Knife and tree etc

Hope you like? Nice knife by the way


Les :)
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Overall, I thinks it's a good shot: lighting and processing are both good. I like the composition, though I agree with Les about the tree, and I feel the sharp edge should "face" the inside of the frame. I would also consider a portrait crop.


When I go to full zoom on the original, it looks like the handle is slightly out of focus. It may be my eyes, or it could be the depth of field. I'd try focus stacking and compare to see if there is any difference.
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It's a decent shot but I feel that the knife isn't standing out like it should because it's too wide a shot. I think another shot of it close up with a smooth bg would give the picture a little more punch by showing it off more. Being closer to it would also get the handle in better focus to show off all it's detail. I think the light on it could be a little better, too. And yeah, it's a nice looking knife, looks like it may take some punishment.
Thanks all for the tips.
I will take them to heart and try another one here soon... although after some use it isn't as shiny anymore haha.

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