Found On Ebay~Good for noob?

If you are just starting out, and you like that particular camera, then yes. I would however keep in mind that the tripod and both the wide angle and telephoto "adapters" are most likely complete junk. The rest however would be useful for you to start out.

Don't get those kits it's better to just buy what you need and save the money for quality trust me I almost did that and then did some research and was like oh no nno no
Where is a good place to buy from? I like the XSI, and I like those lenses, but there is stuff in there I don't need or want. BUT it seems like everywhere else I look it's WAY more expensive.

*missed your post while i was typing MissMia. Thanks for the link. It looks really good!
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You would be much better off making your own kit at Adorama. Go with a quality standard zoom, and a fifty. Look at a medium size bag, a basic protective filter, a hurricane blower, and strap. You can get better products at a lower price.
don't buy that kit. The memory is probably a knockoff that could easily break and the screwon adapters are not that great.
So are the refurbs okay to buy? I get nervous at that thought, but like the price. Adorama seems to be like a good way to go.
No, refurbs are fine. They are just products sent back to Canon, fixed if they have issues, and sold as refurb.
Okay then. I guess that's what it's gonna be! Thanks everyone. I feel quite a bit safer ordering from a link here than pixis. They scared me just a bit.
I bought a refurb from Adorama and luv it,,works great

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