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Nov 20, 2005
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Alright, well, basically I'm just looking for a "which version is best" or "which ones do you think are worth keeping"? I took this shot and messed around with it a bit and I got a couple of different results. I apologize if any of the images are very large--something is either screwed up with the upload or my computer.

Here is the original:

Here is a version that I particularly like, mostly because of the color. What I'd like to know, from an objective perspective, is "Is it good?" I like the color but it may make for a horrible picture from someone else's POV.

Here is a B&W of the same thing that I also feel is a fairly decent version:

And finally, my "'Dark Side' Version", which I would like more if it was better quality--a lot of it was lost in the PSing. I guess it still makes for an okay image, but tell what you think just the same.
hard choice between the 2 and 3
i would have to go with the third i love the colors like a 1/4 sepia tone to it
definatley the 3rd b+w for me, the second just looks oversaturated IMO. The first is ok, but a little week, and im not really feeling the dark in the 4th, the tone is good but the scene isn't dark enough. hope this helps :thumbup:
The first, the others don't work for me. The black and white i don't think works with this image, I am unsure why If I figure it out I'll let you know.
i like number 2 best
everyones gonna hate me, but im going with 4, and 1.. i because it has a soft feel to it, and 4, because i LOVE high contrast, and its a nice horizontal view shot, and a nice horizon dividing line.
craig said:
The alternates seem to diffuse what you saw.
...the sad setbacks of my cheap photo-editing program. I lost a lot of details when I make the last three versions. Even the first one has been twiqued a little, but not as much as the others.
im not really a fan of number two, it's too saturated and IMO takes away from the feel of the subject matter because the editing seems a little uneven. The first one and the third ones are my favorites, they have nice clean editing and striking contrast. the fourth one is cropped too much for my taste and has a bit too much contrast (the clipped blacks and whites mostly).
I like the first. there is a natural feeling. The nice blue sky and the browns mix well. I do not like the second photo, it looses its realism. It might be my monitor though.
the first one I think looks good. The others seem to turn me off, especially the mellow tone in number 2. Also, I like 4, the cropping to me was a good move because I don't think the horizontal shot matched with the B+W.

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