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Jun 17, 2005
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Irvine, Orange County, CA
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Ok.. I am really starting to want to frame more pieces (either for myself or to give to friends) but it gets so dang expensive for me as a grad student. I know some folks love but it just seems so pricey for me compared to even a store like Arron Brothers. A decent 8*10 frame at the store is around $16 but closer to 20-25 plus shipping at american frames. I just want nice simple wood frames (black and dark browns). I saw some decent ones at costco (2 for 12 bucks) but then are still kinda more fancy then I want. Does anyone have suggestions for where to get nice simple frames for relatively cheap? Or am I not really going to find anything cheaper?
Check with a couple of frame shops locally. They some times have good sales at the ones around here. The place I have been using is usually willing to work on price.
Oops, I meant to add that I don't think you are going to find them a lot cheaper than the Costco price but a local place may have the style you are looking for.
Custom framing will cost an arm and a leg. Reserve it for the photos you want to last forever.

You can get away buying cheap frames at michael's or hobby lobby, a matboard and cutting the mats yourself.

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