Framing Difficulties


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Jun 6, 2013
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Omaha, NE
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I'm completely new to photography anything beyond snapping a candid shot with a camera phone. I have been taking photographs with my Olympus PEN using both the 17mm f/1.8 and the 45mm f/1.8 lenses. Often when I find what looks to be a beautiful shot with my naked eyes I get quite an ugly surprise when I take a look through the view of the lens! I believe this to be happening because I am not yet accustomed to the field of view of my lenses. To become more familiar should I focus on using just one of my lenses until it becomes second nature? If so, I imagine I should probably use the 17mm since it is closer to how the eye sees than the 45mm? If not, are there any exercises I can do to become better at instinctively framing shots?

Thank you for any suggestions.
I think it is just a lot of practice. Looking at lots of pictures by others, reading some about composition and art in general.

Also when you take pictures, get some critique on them, hopefully from somebody who knows what to look for. Learn to compose in the camera, but also how to manipulate the photos after you get them into your computer.

It's kind of a long process.

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