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Sep 26, 2005
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Milton, Florida
Taken early morning, I wanted to try and get the light reflecting on the sculpture.
Hope you like it.

very tight composition. It has a nice poster feel about it. Trust me that is not an insult in my opinion as I shoot a lot of that kind of thing. The absolutely only thing that distracts me is the missing top of the flag. Otherwise it would make a great ww2 style poster air piece.

The biggest problem all photographers have (Me included) is focusing to much on the center of their attention ie the sculpture. We all tend to not see the whole frame of the camera. In my case it was a bridal portrait with the back of someone's head in a corner of it. A mic cord running behind a person in the church, or best of all the telephone pole growing out of someones head in a street portrait. (actually it was a stopsign) that was pre photoshop by the way.
Nice one Trish. I don't know if the pole would have bothered me but once its mentioned of course I start looking at it. Nothing wrong that a little PS wouldn't fix.--Lenny

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