frenchy needs help for a photo contest on FB...


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Sep 29, 2010
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Hello my name is Martin
I live in Cannes in France
I am in this forum to ask for a little bit of help...

I did a photo contest on facebook
I was about the american dream

So I put a photo that I took 1à years ago from a boat looking at new york
I am sorry i have no idea how to insert a picture on a forum...
but you can see it with this links...'s Photos - Concours Phot'Opodo - 2 | Facebook

I am in the final of the competition in the second position
the contest will be over in 12 hours...
There are 2 tickets for me to win to go to Miami

Si if you like my pictures and you want to help me, i will be gald if you can take one minute of you time to vote for me...
The more vote will win...

This is the lik to follow on facebook in order to vote
step one : | Facebook + clic on "I like"

step two:
then the link to my photo's Photos - Concours Phot'Opodo - 2 | Facebook + " I like" again

thanks for all of you if you do vote for me
And i hope to come to America again...

Ps if somebody can help by posting the picture of the port hole on the forum i will be please

i think she represent very well the american dream of all your familly who came bye boat long time ago

Merci beaucoup !!!

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