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Dec 13, 2007
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Ahhhh that's better. I have decided I hate my new camera!
We seem to be having a love/hate kinda thing going on.
It's not me (har har), it's the camera! (And that silly pop-up flash)
My computer may die in protest of too many crappy pictures on it.
Just venting.
Sooo... Which camera is that?
I kinda know how it goes, I absolutly dispise my secondary camera and at the moment it's all I got.

But mins has nothing to do with the computer so......
Turn it off auto(program), and you won't have the popup flash coming on all the time...
Or am I missing something?
It is a D40 to answer the first q. It's a great little camera if you know how to use it.

Manual mode makes all hell break loose. Flash is needed for night/basement shots....need to upgrade the flash, and tie down the kids......that should fix it :lol:

I can't find a course in a school in my area......boonies don't offer too many classes. I did order the Understanding Exposure book, let's see if that helps!

Until then I will blame the camera, cause it can't tell you it's me!!! :wink:
Now that I think about it, My sisters computer died the on Christmas day because of the camera. The damn computer brought up the popup for the camera and commenced to searching for the camera. It never found it because it was not plugged in. The computer just rolled over and died. The thing I don't understand is why it started searching for the thing in the first place.
Bloody hell, they can talk now too!!!!!!
I'm in trouble! :er:
doesn't the pop up flash only pop up if you are on auto? ;)
Yes.........which is why I need to use Auto in dark places.....that is until I can figure out how to keep my kids still and light up the basement.
They have a playroom down there with bare bulb lighting.........stinks for pictures.
Problem is that non of the lighting in my house seems to be good!
Even in the family room the pictures turn out too dark, unless the pop up flash is used and then the pictures don't look so good.
They only time the flash isn't needed is when I am outside or right beside a large window on a sunny day.
Soooooooo how do you get away with no pop-up flash in the house?
Kids hate the flash as well, that's the main reason I'm trying to get picture without it.
I'm going to Henry's now to see what they recommend to buy, got an extra camera bag for Christmas that needs to be returned.
sometimes you just need a flash for proper exposure. sorry to burst your bubble lol

You can change the intensity of your flash on a D40 though, maybe thats something you should look in to if you feel the flash is washing out your photos. you cant be in auto mode though. Shoot in "P" to begin with. It's like auto, but it opens up many more features for customization.

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