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Oct 30, 2007
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I am going out to get my nikon d40 out at bestbuy. The thing is I'm curious as to what kind of bag to get. I know lowepro's make good ones but is there anything else thats less expensive? thanks...
Camera bags are all expensive really...
I know some designers make them...Roots in Canada makes some cheaper ones...but I'm pretty sure they're canada only.
Just look around. Find something with room to grow. very important.
Easy to carry (FOR A LONG TIME)

Good luck.
alright thanks...
my friend works at best buy they get a huge discount so maybe i can get a steal on one! aha
I have a lowe pro, I like it for its convienience but it's small and kinda stiff. The strap is comfy but overall it kinda flops around every which way. The tamrac bags tend to soften up and for some reason are easier to carry. They are cheaper to boot.
I am currently using a Crumpler "7 Million Dollar Home" and I love it, I can ger gear out without having to set it down and it does not look like a camera bag. Check them out the quality is top notch.
Well if your friend can't get any cheaper than $477 Amazon.com has the D40 w/ lens. Also I believe $10 off on some sort of case or something
A) Do lots of research before purchasing a D40. Read here and online.

B) Best Buy's (and Canada's Future Shop, they are the same company) employee prices are store cost + 10%. If you can get whatever at employee price, that is a break for you... however, I have often purchased on Amazon + shipping + all related costs and still got a better deal in the end.

Do your homework before plunking your money down!
and def check out buydig.com/beachcamera.com/bhphotovideo.com. . .prices on these suckers are DROPPING, I thought I got a deal on my D40x, but it just dropped by another $40 since 2 weeks ago, DAMMIT!!!
well we found a deal on this site last night but my mom wont get it because she gets the rewards program and she gets triple rewards plus 10 percent off. So ill probably end up getting a bag anyways. We will see.
thanks for all the help...
as far as a bag goes, unless you are set on new, i would look for used... maybe like ebay or something
I went out to Ritz today and they really didnt have any i cared for...
But i guess ill have to decide tommorow. hopefully ill be getting it=]
thank you all.
My most used bag and cheapest was/is a messenger bag from a clothing store. I cut up some foam for padding on the bottom. Doesn't look like a "steal" me camera bag either.
I went out to Ritz today and they really didnt have any i cared for...
But i guess ill have to decide tommorow. hopefully ill be getting it=]
thank you all.

I'm sure the guy at BB can help you better with your camera. Well... unless of course he normally sells refrigerators.
I think I am going to help JIP here with his distinction.

The guy at BB will pretend to help you, and then put in your hand whatever you are looking at and what they have in stock. His only goal is to put your money in his pocket.

The guy at Ritz actually has a goal... to offer you the best solution based on your needs. Now, if your questions are vague, you are not sure what you want or haven't done your homework, the guy at the Ritz (or any reputable place) is not going to be able to help you get the best bang for the buck.

I think I mentioned before that there is a certain amount of homework to do before you go to the store... you are now seeing the effects of what happens when thats not done.

In short, instead of you leading the salesperson to what you want for the best solution for your needs... you are being led by the sales staff to where they want you to be.

Today is Friday... good luck with your purchases.

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