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Jan 26, 2009
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OK.... here we go. A good friend of mine is having a very small, informal wedding and she wants me to take photos of her wedding. She totally understand that I am so amateur it's not funny, but I still want to do a good job. Anyone have any tips, hints, suggestions, experiences, etc to share? Thanks
She must have seen some of your just do what you know and use your best judgment.

Be prepared and have fun with it.
Equipment you need:

Midrange zoom
Fast prime (50mm F1.8)
Telephoto prime or zoom
Decent flash (not the pop up).
What equipment do you have? Then we can start from there.
Equipment you need:

Midrange zoom
Fast prime (50mm F1.8)
Telephoto prime or zoom
Decent flash (not the pop up).

Agreed, anubis said it well. It might not be a bad idea to get some ideas ahead of time and scout good shooting positions before the ceremony starts, you don't want to be fumbling around not sure of where to go. Also, take a look at some wedding shots from other photographers for inspiration. Remember, there are NO redos.
I would also say have an extra battery (or 2) just in case. I'd rather run out of space on a memory card and improvise then have my battery die on me! =)

I did my first wedding over the summer and the best advice I can give is to SHOOT EVERYTHING. (Which adds to having more than one memory card with you! hehe) I ended up with close to 800 pictures, only ended up using around 200, but I got EVERYTHING I needed and everything the bride and groom wanted! Have fun with it! Once you get into the swing of it, it's so much fun!
Thanks everyone.... I have a d60, sb600, plenty of memory, extra battery, 55-200 and an 18-55. Shooting everything is definitely what I planned on. Asking the bride(my friend) if there are any must have shots pertaining to family, friends etc is definitely awesome advice.
Do a google search on Wedding photographer checklist. I looked one time and found a butt load that you can use. Send it to the bride and have her check off any shot she wants in addition to all the other shots you have. Then you can check them off as you go.
Most wedding photographers have 2 cameras, one with each lens mounted on it so they dont have to fumble with changing lenses, they just drop one and pick up the other.

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