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Oct 26, 2007
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Hey guys, I took this one while I was out a while back, and havent shared one in a while

I'm not terribly thrilled with the picture, but, meh here it is


Seems like I had a little camera shake :(
While I cannot really make out too much camera shake here, I must say I am looking at a photo that does not really "arrest" me. The dynamics were too large for the camera to capture, the sunlit parts are overexposed, but the play of light and shadow is uninteresting all in all, too.

I see that you worked with leading lines, which in itself is a good thing to do, but the nearness of the wall on which you seem to have rested the camera is ... too close. And the building - I feel you would need to have BEEN there in person to "feel" it. I don't.
yeah, I see what you are saying. Like I said, I wasnt thrilled with it either. But I do love the lines of the retaining wall. Not only do they S-curve horizontally, but also vertically as well. You dont really see that often. And it was the worst time of day to shoot that shot, the sun was very bright and very high casting heavily dark shadows. The wall was my only interest in the shot.

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