From my first wedding shoot, COMMENTS?


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Apr 29, 2009
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This is from my first wedding with some post-processing. I have a couple of weddings slated for next year (but I am still a novice). I would truly appreciate any feedback on these images. Any tips for the next wedding would be a plus as well!

Thank you!

Wedding - a set on Flickr
I think the one in the mirror would look a bit better if it was more of a candid type of shot.
Great first wedding shots. I would have gotten the shoes a little more in focus (the whole shoe vs. just the tip) but that's not a real big deal.

The color and sharpness is very good. I'm impressed with the performance of your Rebel.
I didn't like the shoes one. maybe if her bouquet or gloves or other wedding prop was near by would have made it more interesting. I really liked all the other ones. Great job!
How much PP work was done to the first picture? She looks like she's made out of plastic. Might want to tone down the skin smoothing a bit and let some pores show.

The shot of the ring is nicely done...the added color is a nice touch.

The picture of the shoes could have used a little more DOF.
Thank you all for the input. Like I said, I am still learning, and at that time, I had my 450D for about a month (my first real camera). This wedding was for friends, and they did not have an "official" photographer. A couple of their friends decided to take some pics as a gift to them instead (thus, I had very little creative control).

Regarding the post-processing. Yes, the skin was WAY overdone which I will go back and redo, but know the couple did not receive their pics this way. Also, on the pic of the bride smiling, I needed to add a tooth, but hopefully that is not evident to anyone.

My photography at that time was very straight forward. Nothing overly artistic or special, but I think they were (for the most part) technically sound. If anyone has any posing ideas or links to places to find ideas, PLEASE feel free to post. Thank you!

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