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May 9, 2012
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Anywhere we want! Just us And the RV
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We do not have any waves in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts, USA so this was a big deal. So I am trying some new filters and with both eyes open see something out of my right eye..

DSC_8860 by Nancy Moran G, on Flickr

It is a Car Carrier coming through the Cape Cod Canal going to Boston, Ma. They say it holds 5,000 cars.

DSC_8769 by Nancy Moran G, on Flickr

It is coming from the south and going through the Canal that is where the "arm of Massachusetts" sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Canal makes Cape Cod an Island.
It looks like it should topple over as it looks so top heavy!

DSC_8774 by Nancy Moran G, on Flickr

This was another Car Carrier going under Sagamore Bridge built in 1935 in @ 18 months. It is taking longer to paint it than to build in in 2013-2014.

$16. Will it....JPG

I am not looking for critique as these were not my objective. In Nikon software, I could not see how to straighten horizon. It said I could but all it did was rotate it 90'..
Hope you enjoy.


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Oct 2, 2008
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Vancouver Island
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I like the 2nd, as it looks like the ship is stranded in the sand.:mrgreen:

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