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May 13, 2005
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:) tx for looking
hey mansi, dont think i'v seen a landscape from you before.... this is real nice, i like the shapes the two hills create, good stuff :thumbup:
thansk arch.. i've posted quite a few before.. it was a one time try at landscape...shot on my photography trek up into the himalayas last summer where i mainly concentrated on teh scapes...
missing not being able to go back so was surfing thru the pics and found one i hadnt posted :)
thanks for looking
OMG, what a beautiful shot!!! I think you doubledipped at the talent pool.
thanks a lot everyone :D apprecite the comments :)
I can't believe I missed this one, beautiful just stunning work it most have been a blast hinking up in the himalayas - Great stuff Mansi - LOVE IT! :thumbup:
thanks randog :D :D :D
u better start looking deeper into ur archives cause u've got some real nice photos hidden in there...good shot the photo....looks nice a painting....very nice composition...
good good
that's a beauty mansi, you make it look so easy sometimes... :thumbup:

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