From yesterday's photo walk


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Feb 28, 2011
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Northern Viriginia, US
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5$_MG_7543 copy.jpg <-- I was KICKING myself when I spotted this doe. I had just switched from my zoom to my 50mm prime to do some freelensing. I was lucky enough that she shot was pretty sharp SOOC and was able to crop significantly.
Pictures 2,3,4 are soft.
1 is sharp and so is 5.
I really like #4. Did you get any shots freelensing? I have tried once before but it makes me too nervous haha
2 ,3 and 4 are "soft" as dof while freelensing in mere millimeters.

paige- those three are FLed. I have other, way better ones in the plants set on my Flickr (the bee is my favorite).
Agreed.. #5 is nice. And I like the composition in your crop.
Thanks! I had to shoot wide, w the 50mm and pray it was sharp enough to crop for a decent composition.
Love it! I enjoy going on little nature photo walks too. And the sort of thing with the deer happens to me ALL the time! Murphy's law I suppose. :/

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