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Mar 5, 2009
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Salem Oregon
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I have been getting frustrated. Granted Ive only had my dslr for about a month but even with all the tips i get here my pictures just dont come out right. Out of focus, wrong exposure. Just cant seem to get them right. I thinik they look good after editing then post them here and they dont look so good. I appreciate all the criticism it defiantley helps. Anyone have any suggestions for me.
Post a few examples of what you are talking about. There are some simple hints tips and tricks for the things you are experiencing but to really be able to help some examples would really help.
it takes practice, practice, practice. you can't expect to pick up your camera and get brilliant shots right away you need to play around with the settings and just keep shooting, don't get frustrated either that's not helping the problem
There is a learning curve. I used to be a photo journalist back in the film only days. I shot, developed and printed everyday. My cameras and I were inseparable ... there were times I even ended up sleeping with them. When I picked up my first dSLR ... my images were crap ... took a while to adjust and get it straight ... so the best advice is, (as stated earlier), to shoot, shoot again then shoot some more.

Self critiquing is important ... but it seems you're already on to that.

Good Luck and Good Shooting,
Heck, I've been shooting with my XTi for 15 months now and I'm still struggling with my shots and I don't expect to stop struggling for some time to come. I got frustrated, depressed and bummed out too, but it took me about 10 months before I got to that stage.

I have seen improvements here and there and that keeps me going but I know I won't be making any award winning shots anytime soon.

Most of my shooting buddies have been doing this for years and they always tell me not to compare myself directly with where they're at now. They've shown me pictures they took years ago from a time when their skills were roughly about where my skill are now and those pictures look almost exactly like mine. So I know if I just keep shooting, keep learning, keep trying new things I'll eventually take pictures that are better looking than the ones I take now.

Don't compare yourself to people who are years ahead of you...examine their images and learn from them. Compare yourself to others who have roughly the same amount of experience as you. But mostly examine your own shots carefully and see what you did wrong and what you can do to improve them and then use that knowledge and insight when you go out shooting again. Try to improve the areas you feel you are weak in. Try new things. Try different things. Experiment. Have fun. Don't take things so seriously. If you feel you're getting too bummed out by your photography, stop for awhile and go do something else that you enjoy. When you pick up your camera again you'll have a better attitude and you're photography will show that better attitude.

If you really mean to make this a serious hobby then you're in for a long journey that could take years before you start shooting real winners (and understand why and how you did it). It take time to develop your eye and shooting skills.

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