[Fs] Beginner Film SLR, [WTB] Decent D-SLR

Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by Jeremi89, Nov 25, 2008.

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    I have come into possession of a Vivitar 3800N Film SLR that I really have no use for considering I already own 2 other higher end SLR's.


    There's a picture with some basic information. Item comes with original box/documentation, Basic 50mm Lens [I believe it accepts K style lenses, but don't quote me on that], Cap, Protective case, and strap. It's not a bad camera, it's been used for 1 roll of film because I wanted to tinker and I had some black and white I wanted to run through.

    So If anyone here digs film SLR's perhaps we can arrange a deal..

    I'm either looking to trade for a lower end d-slr and i could throw in some extra cash, or I'm looking for a few bucks via paypal so the transaction could be monitored/verified.

    I can take pictures of the camera/what it comes with if you wish, just let me know, and hopefully this camera can find a good home.


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