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Discussion in 'Buy and Sell' started by MadisonWI, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I've been collecting cameras for awhile, and I've accumulated a ton of stuff I have no use for - but someone else might.

    First, I have around 10 bodies for parts/repair, including a Canonet, some Yashicas, a Petri FT, a Minolta SRT 101, a Tower box camera and many more, along with some broken lenses, including a Hexanon AR 50mm that just needs a lube, and a nice Kodak lens for a Retina Reflex (I think.)

    Secondly, I have a few giant old leather camera bags full of random accessories - filters, lens caps, cords, straps, flash bulbs, manuals, old flashes, self timers, old leather everready cases, etc. There is a lot more random stuff, too.

    I'm looking for around $100 for ALL of it, or $50 for either lot (bodies or accessories.) However, I will accept the highest offer I get, no matter what it is. You'll have to pay for actual shipping, too.

    I would accept whatever sort of payment you prefer, but I do have Paypal, which I prefer.

    Thanks - contact me with any questions.


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