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    I am selling LCD covers for select Canon and Nikon cameras. These are not the thin, flexible film type material. It is made of polycarbonate that is UV and H coated. It is 0.8mm thick. It can be easily removed, since the thin double sided tape are only on the edges. You don't have to worry about bubbles, etc. Also, it includes TWO covers... one for the main screen and the sub screen.

    Here are the prices and the covers that I have:


    400D/Digital Rebel XTI -- $13.00 (8 left)
    30D -- $14.00 (3 left)
    40D -- $14.00 (8 left)
    580 EXII Flash (2 covers, 1 spare) -- $14.00 (8 left)


    D80 -- $14.00 (4 left)
    D300 -- $14.00 (5 left)

    The price includes shipping within the USA, but if you live locally(Mission Viejo, California), then you can pick it up in person. I have a verified Papyal account, so I will accept payments via Paypal.

    My Pay Pal account address is litlbul45@yahoo.com



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