FS: LowePro Compact AW bag, 3 4gig CF cards with metal case


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Aug 24, 2007
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Ok, I'm getting rid of my larger camera bag because I have consolidated my gear down to one body and two lenses. The new body uses SD cards as well, so I don't need CF cards anymore, So those are for sale as well.

I don't have pics of either, but you can google a pic of the bag to see what it looks like. It's in pretty much pristine condition with a little dirt on the skid plates on the bottom and a little dog hair stuck on the outside. The bag holds quite a bit of gear. I've held 2 bodies with grips, 5 lenses including a 70-200, a flash and other small bits and it was fine. It also has a flip out clear bag with two pockets that's perfect for AA batteries (one side for freshies, one for used). I'd like to get $75 for the bag, or best offer. I paid about $170 for it less than a year ago.

The memory cards are Kingston 4 gig cards. They come in a nifty gun-metal-grey metal case that snaps closed for protection. There are three of them. I'd like to get $60 for all three and the case.

I'm interested in trades for the Nikon 18-70, 18-135 or 18-105 VR. I'd settle for a low end, lightweight manfrotto tripod. Doesn't need to hold up 30 lbs, just something to hold up a d40 and straps easily to a backpack.

Oh, and the best way to get a hold of me is via email: [email protected] as I check the forums only so often.

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