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    Hi all,

    I have for sale a huge range of slr equipment, which would be ideal as a starter kit for someone. This was my father-in-laws kit when he was a professional photographer a few years ago, and it helped to see me through college. Unfortunately now I just dont have the time to commit to it anymore, and with a wedding in a few months I am in need of the cash!

    I have a good ebay feedback if you are uncertain as I am a new member here. I am in Cornwall but would be willing to post for the right offer. I would also be willing to seperate items but would prefer just to sell as a group:

    Auto Chinon CE-4 Multi-Coated camera in leather case with suede strap and 1:1.4 f=50mm lens
    Auto Chinon CS in leather case with 1:1.7 f=55mm lens
    Collapsible STITZ L-shaped
    camera bracket in box
    Chinon Pro-1090C Electronic Strobe in box
    Access 'SQ' Tripod Model 100 in box
    Komura 1:2.8 f=28mm lens in leather bag
    Topman MC 1:2.8 f=135mm lens in hard leather case
    Sigma Zoom-K Multi-Coated 1:4.5 f= 100-200mm in hard leather case
    Prinzflex Auto 3x Converter in hard leather case
    2x Prinzfelx Auto 2x Converter in hard leather case
    Auto Chinon 1:2.8 f= 135mm lens in hard leather case
    Auto Chinon 1:2.8 f= 28mm lens in hard leather case
    Panagor Blower Brush with cap
    A range of Cromofilters and random bits and bobs

    Thanks all,


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