FT: Sigma 35mm 1.4 Nikon Mount


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Nov 15, 2010
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I am thinking about throwing my siggy 35 1.4 up for trade. I am really not using it as much as I hoped when I bought it. I have in fact only used it for 1 shoot. Its a great lens, I just find myself using my 24-70 more often then not. The lens is in great shape, and works flawlessly. Only issue is the box is dented on one corner from it being shipped to me. This did not damage the lens, but I wanted to disclose it here anyways. Case, Hood, are included. I also have the box and I believe all paperwork.

I am interested in any combination of cash and macro lenses. Mainly looking around the 60-105mm focal range. Ideally I would like Nikon, but I am open to offers from reputable people that have had previous and successful transactions on here.
Will this work for a FX camera NOT in dx mode? Also, would you be willing to sell for paypal $ only? If so, how much ? thanks
This is a FX lens. So it will work in FX mode. I might be willing to just sell it outright so I can pick up a macro lens. Send me a pm.
Lens has been traded!

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