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Oct 24, 2007
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Hi Guys

Appologies if this has been asked before, but thought it worth a go. I have an FTP bit to my site, where I upload photos for my clients to see, as I am sure most people on here do. My partner built me the website and made the FTP bit easy for me to use, if a little fiddly. I have to resize my photos as viewable and as thumbnails, and then it displays them in a fairly straightforward way. For example: http://www.helenmaybanks.com/wphotos.aspx?folder=Joanna_and_David
Now, as much as this system suited me at first, I know there are loads of programmes out there that can do all this for me, rather than me having to set up actions for resizing etc. I have CS2 and it can do it for me, but I don't like the layout of any of the pictures, and more importantly I don't think they are big enough. I like the look for some ones I have seen on Lightbox, but I am not prepared quite yet to shell out for that piece of software just for this. Does anyone know if there are any good free/cheap pluggins with good looking picture display facilities?
Many thanks
Try ifp3.com, I found them on this site, but they are not free. They have a 10 day trial that you can try. If they look good to you then what I do is record a Photoshop action to resize all the images in a particular folder over to the resize folder and then bulk upload them to your gallery. It is very easy to use, they have video tutorials to guide you. It is a great presentation of your work and can be password protected for your clients only. You can then sell them in a shopping cart which accepts paypal. I set one up at http://thzn.ifp3.com, check it out, it only took me about an hour to set everything up,

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