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Apr 6, 2011
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Two Fujimoto CP-51 print processors. no wash dry module Main Body only.

One works perfectly and the other occasionally doesn't power up for no reason i can see.

either way replacement parts for this are so overly expensive it never hurts to have a spare one in the garage for replacement motors which can be replaced easily.

Also a copymaster WD70 which is an external wash dry module. however i have no idea how to use it and have no instructions for it but i have been assured it works and im sure you could work it out if you were more skilled at printing.

i bought these for what seems an extortionate amount for something i have virtually no use for but hey i was young and enthusiastic :)

im sure someone who processes a lot more prints than i do would find this brilliantly useful for consistent easy printing.

i have used these a few times and been happy with the results and would love to keep them but i am leaving for university and i don't think the rooms have space for such big gear :) also i really want a better enlarger :)

i will consider most offers since i have no idea how much the W/D machine costs new but given the price of the print processors keep 'em realistic.

postage might be insane given the size and weight of them but you can come pick them up no problem from north england.


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