Fun Game

I turned up nekkid in a liquor store in Barstow, California!!!

That was actually pretty entertaining. Thank you
Great - something else to kill my evenings.
Hmm... I can usually get it within 100km. The last one I was only 1km off.

Damn, some of them have really low resolution images. You can't read any of the signs...
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Yeah - I was 1.4 km from one of them. I, too, am using my investigative skills whenever possible.
I started off bad and then started to use the environment and got better at it.
The rural ones are a lot harder. I'm on one somewhere in Australia (I only know that because the was a sign that had Australia on it), on a single lane road with no signs other than that one that had Australia on it. There was one other sign, but whatever it said was blurred out. Thanks, Google. :lol:

There was another one that was some resort in Maui (on foot), and in every frame there's a cop escorting the Google guy off the property, lol.
I keep hoping I'll get one from DC - the mall would be nice!
YES - finally got an easy one - directly in front of Pizzeria Roma, Juneau Alaska!
I keep getting the ones that have you on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere...
I've been a little luckier with villages & towns, though they are in South America and Eastern Europe. I've had a few guesses that were in the 25-50 meter ranges. A very addicting game. &%#^ you, Runnah!!;)
A good pass-time game and its good to enhance my knowledge too... :) Thanks for sharing.

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