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Nov 21, 2008
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well i took a couple shots today...... and ended up with an interesting shot. didnt have the best shooting conditions, so its not a great photo, but its still a good capture. EXif is there.


here is another one i took yesterday, a little more serious. oh and i know the bird is a little dark, but i wanted to keep it that way to give it the feeling that it was hiding in the tree. Exif is there.

come on! no comments on the second photo?
Heh, #1 -- the puffy bird -- is amusing indeed. Poor thing must have been a bit chilled! The focus does seem kind of off though.

#2 is nice -- however, I don't really get the "hiding" sense. There are only two small twigs in front of him, which means they seem more distracting than intentional. I wouldn't worry too much about the darkness of the bird, because everything around him is fairly light -- he shows up well for my eyes.
come on! no comments on the second photo?
Sometimes you just won't get many comments on a picture...I'm not sure why others didn't comment, but for me neither picture said anything to me so I moved on to another thread.
ehh the first is just that,,the 2nd not to so bad but not good,,try and try agin yu will succeed sooner er later,,,,jist like I did:thumbup:
ha thanks yall. i just hate goin with a thread unanswered
Yes, I understand why you would hate that, Ecas, I think we all do, but it happens.
It may happen for reasons that Sam mentioned: people came to look, were not "grabbed" by what they saw, couldn't think of how to express "Yeah well..." and let again.

Though actually it is only the first photo of these two that has me think "yeah well" and maybe "one for the Just-for-Fun-forum". It has too many technical flaws to be considered "good", but it sure is fun to have captured the bird in the middle of his fluffing himself and and shaking his feathers. But it has camera shake, focus is not right, shutter speed was too slow, it is very centrally composed and was apparently taken at a high ISO so it is quite noisy, too.

As to the second: on my monitor the bird is not too dark. Focus looks better, too. Once more this one is very centrally composed, you might consider working on that by doing some cropping.

All in all, the second is a lot better than the first.

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