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Gear Sigs

why does it matter to you what others do?
I get tired of having to scroll through huge sigs like yours for one.:greenpbl: Secondly I don't see how it is pertinent. Gear sigs are the internet equivalent of Jersey guidos. :mrgreen:
gear sigs are there that way people don't have to ask you what gear you use to take the pictures that you do.
why does it matter to you what others do?

This question always cracks me up.

If you didn't care what anyone did, then you shouldn't have any issue with me walking up and punching you in the face, right?

Too extreme and targeted, I suppose. How about this?

What if I stop my car on the street to talk to the driver of another car in the opposing lane, totally blocking off traffic when you're trying to go somewhere?

Maybe that's too extreme, too.

What if I stick my legs out and lean back, blocking the path of passers by?

No one would ever do that, though, right?

What if I'm not paying attention and my watch is reflecting the sun in people's eyes?


What it all boils down to is people affect other people, and sometimes in ways that are unpleasant. People piping up to share their displeasure with whatever actions is a good thing. It informs other people that whatever they are doing isn't liked by someone else. If lots of people share their dissatisfaction, then the behavior may change. If it's just periodic, it may not.

The alternative is things like my wife getting cut off on the highway to the point of nearly having a rather serious accident... but she won't honk the horn because that would be "rude". Kinda ridiculous.

People should care what others do, and your trying to discredit the post by calling that into question is very poor behavior if you ask me. Consdier this as me honking my horn... at you.
Because I can! ;)

Plus I like to link to interesting things as well as myflickr - and sometimes a nice bit of music helps too.

Besides posts will be as high as a persons avatar and details anyway, regardless of the sig content - so you can get away with a reasonable bit before you are actually having a sig that is too long
Well my MPE does get quite long



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