gears n pulleys


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Apr 5, 2014
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1) too busy? 2) not interesting? 3) bad conversion? 4) all of the above?
neither and all.

I'll tell you, I need to see it, more of it. I think it's a very interesting, intriguing subject but as close as we are to it, no. Maybe, just perhaps, back up and give a bit more context.....what the heck is it????
Thank you Trever1t. You are spot on!
It's a mechanical seperator
Subject very interesting, but also very chaotic as a composition. I think it would make great picture, something for the wall, but it would require a bit of work to find the right angle and some perspective.
without the crop. still pretty close in though.
I don't care about the context and I don't think it's too busy - this is a great collection of objects and the repetition of the circular shapes makes this a strong image, imo.

The only thing that bothers me (addressing the first-posted cropped version) is that there are a lot of light areas at the top which are a little distracting and also not as interesting as the rest. I'd try cropping the top down to the middle of that large cylinder in the upper center and also crop just a bit on the right. Then I'd try darkening the mid-tones a little (or maybe more than a little). Just my two cents ...
I think the processing lets it down, but I like the idea

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