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Jul 23, 2010
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new mexico
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Im a military wife and so we move around. we've been here at our base for 7 seven years, ive used that time to work on my photography (we're in NM) We are moving to the UK this fall and Im planning on actually doing a legit business (ive been doing in under the table for a couple years) Im getting a tax id number and a website and really going to etablish myself as a Business. my question is, ive been looking a HUNDREDS of domain websites and photog sites with flash players and im just not sure what to go with.. Any recommendations?? Naturally, a shopping cart, a password protection, and a portfolio link arte must haves but What have you all used that you really like or find are must haves for you?
First of all, I would not bother with Flash. It's losing support in general, and isn't even available for most small devices, which is really going to limit your customer base. As well, it can take a long time (relatively speaking) to load, and people have short attention spans these days.

As far as the website goes, I would not worry about things like a shopping cart. A nice, clean, well organized website with a good bio on you, your experience and what you can offer the client, as well as galleries showcasing your work, and clear, easy-to-find contact information are the real musts.

I think if you do a poll, you'll find that most photographers with websites who have images for sale really don't sell many that way; the images are more of an advertisement: "See, this is the kind of work I do". What I would do is find a domain-hosting service which will let you create your own password-proteced directories which you can then send to customers as links.

Good luck!

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