getting a D200??


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Jun 9, 2004
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hi there!

I live in Quebec and I'm quite a "compulsive buyer", when I want something I need it, I can't wait for 2 or three months!
here, they tell me all the time that Nikon didn't produce enought D200, this is the reason why they don't have any in their shops... they have to order one and it takes 3 weeks up to 2 months depending of my position on the list!! ...

Is it the same case in USA and Europe? if I go to France, is it possible to get one in the "FNAC" or they will tell me the same thing? (I'm not sure there are French suscribers but I ask in case)
...Or I can go to US if needed to buy one! :)

Same case here. The stores haven't had them since early Feb. Hoping they come in soon. I have a few people ahead of me on a wait list.
How about japan?

D200 would probably be a old model by now being replaced by the next one.
Check Best Buy, they seem to have them pretty regularly online. Some stores get them once in a while.
Just checked and they are sold out at the moment, but they seem to get the D200 more than other resellers.
I'd be careful about buying over seas, you could have warranty issues. I know in the US, Nikon USA will not honor warranties or even service camera not imported by them. Not sure how it works in Canada.
Very hard to find this camera, even 4 months after it's release.
there's one in store in a store here in Melbourne, Australia... dunno how desperate you really are :p
I got mine from the local Best Buy store. They litterally took it off of the truck and gave it to me.

I would check online. The local chain stores do not get things if they can sell them online. It is one reason why the chain stores are doomed.

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