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Jan 8, 2022
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Evia Greece
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Eretria by sea.jpg

This is my village in Evia Greece. The ferry boats are always a welcome site. Bringing friends and family from the mainland. I love the smell and sounds of the sea at night. It enhance the experience IMO. I have been away from the camera for many years now, because of a bad eye injury. I just Could not pick it up for some reason. I picked it up the other day. It felt great in my hands again. looking over my old photos I caught the bug again. I have a hard time with level lines. (You need two eyes to get a good perspective) cant say I remember all my favorite settings, or tricks but the feeling of getting a great shot again is stirring inside me again. I hope you like my images and will help me get back in the game again.
Hello and welcome...Nice shot.....
Hello and thank you Jeff. And you are right about the word photography as well. :encouragement:

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