Getting RAW images off my Canon 20D


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Nov 14, 2005
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Hey Guys,

When I take pics in RAW I cant get them off my camera, I can see them on the viewer but I cant see them when I look at my camera via my laptop.

Any Ideas?

First suggestion: Install the software that came with the camera....and/or install the Windows RAW viewer package.

2nd suggestion: when your camera is hooked up to the computer, use windows explorer to find the camera (as a USB device, or something like that). Whether or not it recognizes RAW files, you should be able to see them and copy them over.

Third Suggestion: Get a card reader so that you never have to connect your camera to your computer for file transfer.
First Suggestion - Installed all software when I got the camera, I'll try again.

Second Suggestion - Browsing the camera doesnt show the files

Third Suggestion - I'll get onto that :)
Just found the Canon Viewer Utility, I can see them using that :lol:

I guess I was being a bit of a plank :lol:

Cheers Mike :)
It's still odd that you can't see them normally. :scratch:

Personally, I have a card reader (built-in)...I plug in the card and use explorer to drag and drop the files onto a harddrive.

I use Irfanview (with RAW plugin) to view thumbnails.
I've just installed the Microsoft RAW Thumbnail Viewer so I can view the files once I've got them onto my PC using the Canon viewer.

Still cant see them on the camera though via Explorer.

But I'm happy I can get hold of them somehow :)

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