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Mar 15, 2005
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Hi guys,

I'm thinking about getting a 79" Rime Lite Grand

The price is actually not bad- just shy of $400 through B&H.

It is basically a giant parabolic softbox that can be used single or double-baffled. The quality of light is similar to a parabolic reflector but the design is different. The parabolic reflectors from the likes of Broncolor and Profoto are adjustable in circumference. They also have the light reverse mounted to fire into the reflector, whereas this is a normal forward-facing mount. The Grand is also much lighter weight- about 4lbs. In any event, my gut feeling is that this will either be my favorite go-to modifier, or it will be used infrequently and turn out to be a relative waste of $400. Thoughts?
How powerful is the light you are planning on using with this?
2400w/s max.
In that case - ROCK AND ROLL!


but seriously, what is appealing about this? do you often find yourself wanting a wall of light? I'm not saying it's useless, but how much of it is just wanting a ginormous soft box?
It's appealing for incredibly even, full body coverage with a single light source.

I actually do often find myself wanting a wall of light in that respect.
For $400 from a reputable seller, and if you do a lot of portraits and already have the lights to support it, I'd go for it. It looks like a killer piece of gear.
I love my large 60" and up umbrellas and brolly's... I may have to look at this also. Although I don't intend to have that much power available... afraid it might cause spontaneous combustion with my subjects! lol! Look forward to seeing some of your work with it! :)
I dunno...I've not seen photos made with that modifier.

Paul C. Buff - PLM? Competitor Comparison Page

Not sure if the PLM system would be of interest to you.

Apologies for the following:
I despise Paul Buff and this PLM nonsense is a great example of why. The PLM is not a "system." It's a large umbrella. The copy on the PLM page of his website is some of the most disingenuous drivel I have ever seen:
Paul Buff conceived and engineered this unique parabolic umbrella lighting method, first released in 2009. With the overwhelming popularity of the system, a number of copycats quickly popped up in the industry. Where Paul originated, they duplicated - and, unfortunately for them and their customers, created inferior copies based on the first iteration of the design. But Paul continued to study and make improvements to his original design over the years, now using the sixteen-rib frame to form a highly evolved, large-size, shallow parabolic shape.

The PLM is about as close to a parabolic reflector of the Broncolor/Profoto/Briese variety as "effective watt seconds" are to real watt seconds.
You would still be able to use it like the broncolor profoto, just mount your flash on another stand

That is a brilliant idea, but I worry about shadows. The bron/profoto/briese ones are bare-bulb mounted on a small platform. The 202vf has a pretty small profile but I worry about the stand casting a shadow. I bet I can rig something, though. Thanks!

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