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Sep 28, 2009
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Canada , Edmonton, AB
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Hey guys!

So, this weekend i am going to do my second Boudoir marathon. I am very excited for this marathon!

So, i know couple of setups for Boudoir lighting, i just wanted to know if you guys know more and love to share it with us?

I dont refer to natural light all the time, i often Refer to my flashes. Also, couple of photographers that i know, they often use grid softbox rather then the regular Softbox in their boudoir sessions? i didnt found a comparison between those two. So i was wondering if any of you guys have a picture that shows the "different" ??

i also know, that everyone has their special way to be creative with ideas and poses? i dont want to apply the same ideas and poses to all the clients. i want each to be different. So my question is, How do you make it that unique in each session? i just wanna know how other photographers think :D

Looking forward to all the replies!

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