Girl on a Wall

Even mine didn't stay in the upper left corner long.. lol very nice. She looks a tiny bit cool though!
Nice, I like how her body contrasts with the diagonal lines of blurred areas in the background going the other way. And the light spot in the upper left is balanced by the lower rights, etc., which almost adds rather than detracts. It is a nicely balanced shot all around.

If I were to be concerned about anything as distraction, it would be the dark wooden trellis, not any bright spots. That's the odd area out. If that were slightly blurry leaves, it would be pretty epic composition (can't just crop, because you want the sharp lower left leaves to balance the sharp upper right leaves). As is, still great composition.
The tattoo on her right leg spoils it for me, apart from that an excellent photo

The ink is a distraction and not very attractive. That's not because it's a tattoo, it's because it's rendered as a large bruiselike area, by the angle of her calf to the camera and the relative smallness of the area in the frame. The shoe lying on its side is rather weird looking, too. I recognized it as a shoe after a split second, but it did take a split second.

I like to think I would have had her take the shoes off for this shot.

I think you could bring that tattoo forward visually a bit, saturate the colors locally and/or bring the contrast up locally, to make it more obviously a tattoo. It might improve the impression one gets.

Otherwise, well done! I was on the fence, as it were, about the wide frame, but I have decided I quite like it. She's very elegant, lovely skin tones, and the way her hair is draping flows with her figure very very nicely. Was the hair your idea or hers, or just a happy accident?
the pose including placement of hair, hands and legs is my arrangement. I too wish I had thought to remove the shoes. The tattoo, not much I could do short of masking it. This image now hangs in her place of employment and in her home. :)
... I was on the fence, as it were...
Man on a fence about girl on a wall?

:smileys: Whatever, I like the photo. I'm OK with tattoos (wouldn't have one myself). The one she has would benefit from bringing out, it looks to be quite intricate and colourful... but that's hindsight and I'm not surprised he has it on her wall. Good work, as usual. :D
:shock: :eyebrows:

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I am still at the "Damn, she's fine" stage of critique. I never saw the bright upper left corner until it was mentioned, however I think the photo looks better without it. I see enough of the tatoo to recognize that it's a tatoo, but that distraction lasts a millisecond before I go back to her........eyes!
She needs to be warmed up. She is on the cool and gray side.

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