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Aug 24, 2015
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North Shields
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Here is my Gizmo, she decided to play nice for me today and be my model.

Gizmo by Christopher Telford, on Flickr

I was going for "cute" my wife has tasked me with getting at least 1 of each of the dogs as cute as possible.

Anyway feedback on how to improve please, also I have notice on the lower eye when I zoom in I can see myself, anyway to fix that?

taken outside and the camera's light meter said it was fine, but is it a little dark?
I am still coming to terms on how this exposure works, every time I think I understand it I seem to mess up ( had about 5-6 shots ruined due to being too dark again )

thanks for any and all feedback and tips on how to improve very welcome!
The focus doesn't seem tack sharp, which is kind of weird because you're shooting at 1/512 sec (that is one weird SS!) - was he moving around a lot? And your aperture seems okay, 2.3 should get at least one eye in focus.

It is a bit too dark for my tastes. If you're going for cute, a bit more high key of an image might serve you better.

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