glare, colors on outdoor photos


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Dec 15, 2007
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This, I am sure is no doubt a newbie question, so don't laugh too hard. I went to the park new years to take some outdoor photos with my new Rebel XTI. To my disappointment, many of my photos appeared hazy, with glare and i could see coloring 'rainbows' on the images.

Hope I'm making sense. Indoors, this distortion is nonexistent.

thx in advance.
If you could post an example, we would probably be able to identify the problem.

It might be lens flare, were you pointing the camera at the sun or another similarly bright spot? Was the direct sunlight hitting the front of the lens, even if the sun wasn't in the image?

These situations may cause things like flare and a lack of contrast. One solution is to use a lens hood...or at least shelter the front of the lens with your hand or something. I would also suggest a circular polarizing filter when shooting outdoors in sunlight.

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