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Oct 21, 2016
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I have not gone anywhere this past year, and I am not expecting to go anywhere in the next year, so most of what I am seeing beyond this city is YouTube. I will post a few links that I have enjoyed. Not all will be related to photography.

"Landscape Photography | Pack Away & the Magic Shall Happen",
posted Oct 21, 2020 by "Thomas Heaton" [Length: 12:12]

I guess this is [North?] England? Around Wales?

If you have a link, add it. . . .
Japanese climate should be similar to east coast US. I was expecting to see colours in the trees, but I have seen a couple of recent clips and things still look fairly green. This was recorded a couple of weeks ago.

"TOKYO. Ueno Park 2020 Autumn. #4K #上野公園",
Posted Oct 13, 2020 by "Japan BackpackersXpress" [Length 21:31]
There are a couple of links that I ruled out earlier, but I have decided to include them. This is the first:

In South Korea, their equivalent to Thanks Giving is called "Chuseok" which apparently means "Autumn eve". Early this month the Korean Broadcasting System put up a number of clips to YouTube from a special documentary which was recorded on Chuseok in Jeju Island. It followed three celebrities associated with the area and had them narrate their relationship with the a particular forest in the island. You are probably wondering why I was not going to post this clip. I found out that Chuseok was in August. To me, that seems a stretch. In the west, I think most of us think of August as "late summer" rather than autumn. But on further thought, why should I apply my standards of what is Autumn in this case? Ok, so this is their version of the start of Autumn. All the leaves are green, and it is not particularly cold. And yes, South Korea does see a Winter, so it is not like they don't know the seasons. The fellow in this segment brought fireflies to the area. Note: near the end of this clip, fireflies are shown in flight. It is very dark, but yes, you can see them:
[2020-11-01 1:45 slight rewrite to make this clearer. On further thought, it is too bad they made this when they did. The new Sony a7siii has superior low light video than the cameras that they probably used, so if they had used that camera, it might have turned out better. What a strange year this has been.]

"아이유 밤편지와 함께 듣는 숲지기 이영근씨의 이야기 | 2020 추석 특별기획 2부작 '힐링다큐 나무야 나무야' 대한민국 대표 뮤지션 이선희, 아이유가 만난 제주의 나무 이야기", "KBS 다큐 [KBS Documentary]",
Posted Oct 7, 2020, by "KBS 다큐 [KBS Documentary", [length 3:06]
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This is the second clip that I bypassed earlier. The problem is a bit different. There is nothing in this video that tells me that it has to do with Autumn beyond the date that it was posted. And that date might be misleading because it might simply have been delayed for other reasons. I was going to see if I could find out when the seminar occurred, but I don't have time to do the research. So I am only guessing that it was "Autumn":

"Under a Night Sky - Astrophotography on a beach with an A7S iii"
Posted by "Nick Page" Oct 22, 2020 [Length 6:36]
Slovenia. I would never have thought of going there. Looks nice. Kind of bumpy in the distance. . . . :) :

"Landscape Photography | Autumn at it's BEST!",
Posted Nov 4, 2020 by "Matthew Storer Photography" [Length 10:01]
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Again, I have no definite indication of the season, but the clothes worn, and the posting date give me some reason to believe this is Autumn. Topically, this is sort of the opposite of the Slovenia clip. This is all very flat:

'"Minimalist Photography" - Photographing Denmark - Episode 5',
Posted Nov 3, 2020 by "Mads Peter Iversen", [Length 17:06]
Some interesting subjects here. I'll have a proper look through these in finer detail.

Thanks for the effort.

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