Gonna Save Money (Buying a Lens Adapter Instead of a New Lens)


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Jan 27, 2008
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A while ago, before I put thought into lens mounts, I mistakenly thought that I could buy a used camera that came with some nice lenses and just use them on an DSLR. So I got myself a Praktica Super TL2 and then, THEN ('cuz I'm an idiot) I find out it won't fit. I just saw Amazon has the pieces I need to fit those old lenses on my new 1000D, and for around $30, I'd rather pay that than $200 for a crappy EF-S zoom lens (I believe 55-250mm or something). Here's a photo I took manually holding the Carl Zeiss Lens to my 1000D body:

Zeiss lenses are pure sex..

You can adapt most lenses (except Minolta, I think... and a few others) to Canon EOS bodies. It has something to do with the 'flange distance' I think. I supposed I could have looked that up and sounded smarter but it doesn't really matter.

Those Fotodiox adapters (guessing that's the company you're looking at) work pretty well. It's best to buy one for each lens you plan on using - rather than take it off and fit it to a different lens over and over... people claim that they tend to break. I've been using old Nikkor/Nikon lenses on my Rebel.

The benefits:
Old MF lenses have a nice 'feel' to the focusing ring - not like newer AF lenses which don't feel like anything..
Some of those older lenses are ridiculously sharp when wide open (like my Nikkor 135mm f/2.8)

The cons:
Good luck focusing through the viewfinder - without a split prism you're gonna have a hard time unless you practice a lot. You can replace the focusing screen with a katz eye and it'll help a ton with older lenses - but it's $100+
I used the viewfinder to focus this photo...and I already agree with the practice...its gonna take a lot...but I'm not worried about auto-aperture and that stuff...I want it all to be as manual as possible, plus it seems to be the cheaper route...I'll just get adapters for different older lenses...I'm not looking to be the next Ansel Adams, Chase Jarvis, or Denis Reggie, I'm just looking to entertain myself and if others enjoy my photos, then that will be a bonus for me!
Given the circumstances, that's a darn good capture, and reznap is spot-on, some of the older glass especially names like Zeiss are friggin' awesome! Agree with the recommendation to get one adaptor for each lens.
I was positioned a good ways further back than my current kits lens will allow me to be...depending on how long amazon will ship I should be able to get the adapters by next week after I pay for them this Wednesday...

I'm really excited to starting taking photos with the better lens attached instead of handheld...I was so nervous about dropping the lens and the body attempting to focus the lens...
So excited...just put the order in for a M42 adapter and Nikkor adapter, with shipping and handling, came to just under $40. For the time being I will be able to use my Carl Zeiss lenses and then expand from there buying used lenses with good glass from yester-year that no one really wants anymore but is still in good enough condition.

Canon d-slr bodies are wonderful with adapted lenses. I think you'll find that there are a lot of good lenses in M42 thread mount. Some of the Asahi (later Pentax) and Honeywell lenses, like the Super-Takumar lenses for Pentax thread mount cameras were really quite nice. The 135mm f/3.5 and 200mm f/4 are pretty good lenses even by current standards.

Nikon-mount lenses are plentiful too,and do NOT have to be modern mount styles when used on Canon bodies. The older, pre-AI Nikkor lenses are now in pretty low demand, but they will mount and shoot on adapters with o need to modify them, so they can be pretty useful. Have fun with the new adapters and the new Canon SLR body!!!!
Welcome to the club Drex. I shoot mostly old all manual glass. Got 20 something oldies & love shooting with them. I have another two coming in the mail plus a second Micro Four Thirds camera to use them. ;)

BTW, old glass is getting more expensive by the month.
Thanks guys for the warm welcome...I'm sure if I keep looking around, I'll be able to find something out there that will suit me...and I love this relatively new passion I have found for photography, sure keeps me out of trouble...

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