Good Bye Ziggy (RIP)


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Jul 23, 2009
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Whether you remember him as Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, or simply David (Jones) Bowie, the world lost a truly talented artist on 10 January. He was often imitated, but never duplicated. He could move fluidly from the bizarre to the profound to just plain fun rock 'n roll in 3 consecutive tracks on an album. I remember him from my sophomore year, 1972, I believe it was, when "Ziggy" broke into the U.S. with the Spiders from Mars, and have been a fan ever since. I loved on the back of the album, where it was printed, "to be played at maximum volume". And with a few angry run in's with my otherwise incredibly patient father, I tried my damn best to follow those instructions. It's hell getting old and watching all of your hero's die. Hope to hear you in Heaven. Good bye and RIP, David.

Bowie was several different people over the past four decades and a bit more. He reinvented and morphed and grew. I know a few 1990's kids who today on Facebook remembered him--as a great actor! Pretty impressive career he had. A nice time-spanning collection of the various Bowie eras here, from Sky News:

David Bowie: A Life In Pictures
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Man,I can't believe that there's only 2 posts in 3 days on the death of David Bowie.
Brilliant artist.
And Let's Dance had Stevie Ray Vaughan. Maybe they will put a David Bowie statue next to Stevie's there in Austin.

I used Space Oddity for a performance we had to do in a high school acting class. Of course back then we would listen to a whole album and not just a song so I haven't been able to get those songs out of my head for the past few days.
'Heroes' has always been one of my favorite songs. I admire him being married to the same person for so long. The fame usually doesn't work well for long term commitments.
ground control to Major Tom...
the Goblin King is dead.

and the world is a darker place for it
Ground control was my favorite.RIP David Bowie.
RIP. One of my all time fav artists. :(
I've only met a few people, friends of mine that actually knew that Stevie Ray Vaughn (for those of you who don't know, one of the best blues guitarist, ever, bar none, played on that album). The $$ and notoriety helped SRV get his name out of obscurity, and on to fame as one of the guitar greats, although he was known primarily for his blues licks.

But I was reading a review earlier about Bowie that I think any photographer can get into. David Bowie didn't actually like performing, live that is. According to DB, he was tir d of performing after the fifth or sixtth concert in a tour. He was more into the recording/production side.

One thing that photographers might be interested in knowing, was Bowies fascination with imagery in music. He was MTV way before MTV. He knew that stills and video images were a natural part of his art. According to articles with friends and fellow musicians, he was almost obsessed with intertwining images with his music.

Oh well, I've got lots of Bowies music loaded on my IPOD, and on my laptop. Once I get my hands on Black Star, I'll have plenty to remember him by. Five decades worth.


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